About SBI Merchant Acquiring

  • SBI, the largest Bank of the country, provides Merchant Acquiring Services through its large branch network of more than 15000 branches.

  • Any existing customer or even the non-customer may avail the benefit of SBI Merchant Acquiring Services.

  • We install Electronic Data Capture(EDC) machine or Point of Sale (POS) terminal(s)/PIN Pads at merchants outlet(s) which facilitate acceptance of payment from your customers by swiping of their debit/credit/pre-paid cards on the POS terminals/PIN Pads as sale proceeds of goods and services sold by merchants.

  • Our Merchant Acquiring Services enable merchant to accept all Visa/ MasterCard/RuPay cards for payment.

  • Our branch/sales team executives are always available to assist our customers for their various pre/post terminal installation needs.

  • EMV Compliance: All our terminals are EMV compliant and can accept chip based cards besides signature and PIN based cards.

  • Our Vision: SBI to deliver an enhanced suite of Marchant acquiring services to existing and to new merchants.

Features/Benefits to Merchants

  • We provide following type of POS terminals to suit merchants needs:
    • PSTN (gets connectivity through a normal telephone line)
    • Desktop GPRS (Gets connectivity through GPRS SIM and installed at merchant outlet)
    • Portable GPRS (Gets connectivity through GPRS SIM and power through an inbuilt battery and due to its portability may be used in exhibitions or anywhere as per need)
    • Mobile POS
    • Electronic Case Register based Terminals
    • Bio-Metric PSTN
    • Bio-Metric Desktop GPRS
    • Bio-Metric Portable GPRS

  • Customer Stickiness and Increased Sales volume : The facility of making payments through Cards encourages your customers to spend more as they are not constrained by cash on hand. This not only results in customer stickiness but also in increased purchases of higher-margin products as well as specialty items.

  • Better Cash Management and Speedy Payment: By accepting payment through cards, sale proceeds are credited electronically in your account as per the agreed transaction cycle.

  • Saving of Resources and more Quality Time: Use of SBI Merchant Acquiring Services results in fewer Cash transactions and saves your efforts and resources in counting, re-counting, storage of Cash and depositing it in the Bank. This allows merchant to spend more time and focus on important things like managing and growing your business.

  • Customer Delight: Getting the facility of making payment through Credit, Debit or pre-paid cards may lead to Customer ecstasy .

  • Customer Care: Our robust, round-the-clock authorization and merchant acquiring services provides quick response and reliable support in case of network outages and POS terminal malfunctioning. This minimizes downtime, thus enhancing productivity and profitability.

  • Protection against Theft and Frauds: Lower volumes of cash reduces vulnerability to theft. All our terminals are EMV compliant and therefore can accept Chip based cards. The additional and security features of our terminals protects you from frauds.



SBI offers merchant acquiring services at attractive rates to its existing as well as new customers. Salient features are as follows:

  • Cost of terminal is borne by the bank.

  • No monthly rental for installation of PSTN terminals.

  • Nominal monthly rental is charged for installation of desktop GPRS and Portable GPRS terminals.

  • Flexible pricing options - Merchant has the option for selecting between the differential and integrated rates for On-us and Off-us transactions. The swiping of ATM cum debit cards & pre-paid cards issued by SBI group on SBI POS terminals are called On-us transactions and the swiping of debit/credit/pre-paid cards issued by other banks on SBI POS terminals are called Off-us transactions.

  • Special merchant benefit plans are also available based on the volume of transactions on SBI POS terminals..

  • All charges as per the Merchant Establishment Agreement signed by you with the bank shall apply.

  • Presently, there are no installation charges for any location or type of business.

  • All charges are excluding taxes. Service Tax & VAT shall be levied as per geography.


How to Avail SBI POS

  • Valid business establishment with up and running activity
  • Business that has been in existence for at least 6 months or more

  • Merchant application form duly filled
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Business Establish proof

Alternatively you can use Apply Now link on this Home Page.